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KIT Tubo 160 Antivento

KIT Tubo 160 Antivento
  • KIT Tubo 160 Antivento

The kit Tubo 160 Antivento is made of a plastic modular structure for the sound absorbing of the soul housing, covered by patent, formed by rings and discs in soundproofing material, arranged in an alternating manner in order to slow down the passage of air speed maintaining the free section of the same air passage unchanged (100 cm2).

Patentedcertificato abbattimento acustico

Legenda kit tubo Antivento

  1. Airplak 100 with inlet Ø160
  2. Sound-absorbing structure of the Tubo 160 Antivento
  3. Rigid tube with the Tubo 160 Antivento reduction meter
  4. Grating Ø175 with inlet Ø160


  • Quick application after the core drilling of the wall
  • The most efficient on the market with Dn, e, w up to 48 dB
  • Available in the windproof model for seaside areas or locations subject to strong gusts
  • Removable, inspectable and reinsertable
  • The only ones equipped with AIRPLAK diffuser
  • The best savings in the quality / price ratio

The kit contains

  • Tubo 160 Antivento
  • rigid tube Ø160
  • white Airplak 100 with inlet Ø160
  • white grating Ø175 with inlet Ø160


The TUBO PIUMA 160 element has the same sound absorbing rigid tube size for soundproofing throughout the certified acoustic reductions related to 4 lengths: 300, 350, 400, 450 mm


Tubo Ø160

kit tubo antivento - tubo


Discs and rings in polyurethane foam

dischi e anelli in poliuretano espanso



Code Type Noise Reduction Diameter Lenght Air Passage
P208030160 KIT TUBO piuma 160 mm 300 Dn,e,w = 42 dB (certified) Ø 160 mm 300 mm cm2 100
P208035160 KIT TUBO piuma 160 mm 350 Dn,e,w = 45 dB (certified) Ø 160 mm 350 mm cm2 100
P208038160 Kit Tubo 160 Antivento mm 380 Dn,e,w = 42 dB (certified) Ø 160 mm 380 mm cm2 100
P208040160 KIT TUBO piuma 160 mm 400 Dn,e,w = 46 dB (certified) Ø 160 mm 400 mm cm2 100
P208045160 KIT TUBO piuma 160 mm 450 Dn,e,w = 48 dB (certified) Ø 160 mm 450 mm cm2 100
P208000160 KIT TUBO piuma 160 mm 480 Dn,e,w = Oltre 48 dB (uncertified) Ø 160 mm 480 mm cm2 100


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