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KIT TUBO piuma 160

KIT TUBO piuma 160
  • KIT TUBO piuma 160

The tubular acoustic silencers are an innovative range of products designed for the ventilation of domestic environments, capable of satisfying any dimensional requirements and installation without invasive procedures and with the best sound insulation performance in it's class. They allow an air passage of 100 cm2 according to UNI CIG 7129/2015 standards and are covered by the patent. The Tubo Piuma Kit 160 is available in different models, all fully inspected and capable of fitting into the core drilling performed in the perimeter wall. 

The tubular silencers present a unique feature on the market: the insulation is extended to the whole thickness of the wall reaching the highest certified values in the sector. 

Patentedcertificato abbattimento acustico


  • Quick application after the core drilling of the wall
  • The most efficient on the market with Dn,e,w up to 45 dB
  • Removable, inspectable and reinsertable
  • The only ones equipped with AIRPLAK diffuser
  • The best savings in the quality / price ratio

The kit contains

  • Tubo Piuma 160
  • rigid tube Ø160
  • white Airplak 100 with inlet Ø160
  • white grating Ø175 with inlet Ø160

Composizione kit Tubo Piuma

  1. Airplak 100 with inlet Ø 160
  2. Sound absorbing structure of the Tubo Piuma 160
  3. Rigid tube with reduction meter of the Tubo Piuma 160
  4. Grating Ø175 with inlet Ø 160

The TUBO PIUMA 160 element has the same sound absorbing rigid tube size for soundproofing throughout its length. The certified acoustic reductions are related to 4 lengths: 300, 350, 400, 450 mm


Tubo Ø160

Tubo Ø160



Tubo Piuma Ø160

Tubo Piuma Ø160



Code Type Noise Reduction Diameter Lenght Air Passage Tipo Abbattimento Acustico Diametro Lunghezza Pass. Aria
P203030160 KIT TUBO piuma 160 mm 300 Dn,e,w = 42 dB (certified) Ø 160 mm 300 mm cm2 100          
P203035160 KIT TUBO piuma 160 mm 350 Dn,e,w = 45 dB (certified) Ø 160 mm 350 mm cm2 100          
P203040160 KIT TUBO piuma 160 mm 400 Dn,e,w = 46 dB (certified) Ø 160 mm 400 mm cm2 100          
P203045160 KIT TUBO piuma 160 mm 450 Dn,e,w = 48 dB (certified) Ø 160 mm 450 mm cm2 100          
P203000160 KIT TUBO piuma 160 mm 480 Dn,e,w = Oltre 48 dB (uncertified) Ø 160 mm 480 mm cm2 100          
P209000160           KIT ESPULSIONE ARIA TUBO PIUMA 160 Dn,e,w = 48 dB (certificato) Ø 160 mm 480 mm cm2 100

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