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Kit Rumor Block Normal

Kit Rumor Block Normal
  • Kit Rumor Block Normal

The Rumor Block kit in Normal configuration can rely on the insulating performance of the polyurethane foam coating present inside the boxed elements while the tube is not provided with an inner coating.

The RUMOR BLOCK sound-absorbing devices , made of plastic material, contain within them a polyurethane foam coating that is flexible, non-combustible, water-repellent and that does not disperse the fibers and does not pulverize.

Patentedcertificato abbattimento acustico

kit rumor block normal numerato

  1. Airplak 100 with Aggancio Flex 125/160
  2. Anti-Debris Buffer
  3. Rumor Block RBS 15/35, 
    Rumor Block RBS 15/15, 
    with plaster mesh netting
  4. Modular extension Tubo Ø125
  5. Grating Ø175 with Aggancio Flex 125/160


  • High acoustic insulation values
  • up to Dn,e,w = 53,9 dB
  • Modular, offers multiple solutions for all needs
  • Inspectable
  • Small size, the smallest on the market
  • for boxed models
  • Also available in the exclusive 120 mm thickness
  • The only ones equipped with AIRPLAK diffuser
  • AIRPLAK and Grating always with Aggancio Flex 


The RUMOR BLOCK boxed silencers are available in different types with air passage of 100 cm2 and all inspected: STRUCTURE models characterized by smaller dimensions available in commercial and noise reduction values Dn,e,w from 49.3 dB to 53,9 dB are made in the exclusive 120 mm thickness, designed to not cut the thermal and acoustic insulation inserted in the wall. The boxed models are equipped on the inner side with a plaster mesh to facilitate the gripping of the plaster and to avoid the formation of cracks.


The KIT contains

  • Rumor Block box
  • rigid tube
  • white Airplak 100 with Aggancio Flex
  • white grid Ø175 with Aggancio Flex


Rumor Block RBN 15/35 e 12/29




Código Type Noise Reduction Size Air Passage
P200001535 KIT RBN 15/35 Dn,e,w = 53,9 dB (certificato) 290X350X150 cm2 100
P200001229 KIT RBN 12/29 Dn,e,w = 50 dB (certificato) 290X350X120 cm2 100
P200001515 KIT RBN 15/15 Dn,e,w = 49,6 dB (certificato) 370x150x150 cm2 100
P200001220 KIT RBN 12/20 Dn,e,w = 49,3 dB (certificato) 370x200x120 cm2 100


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