FAQ Eternoivica

Because they offer many benefits. Here are some:
- Small silencers: the smallest available in the market but with high noise abatement indexes certified up to 57 dB;
- All silencers can be inspected for periodic cleaning;
- Also available in the exclusive thickness of 12 cm.

Two types of tubular silencers are available:
- Kit Tubo Piuma 160 with certified noise reduction up to 48 dB;
- Kit Tubo 160 Windproof with certified noise reduction up to 45 dB.
They are the best performing among the products range.


The silencers must comply with the standard UNI-CIG 7129/15 and respect the air passage of 100 cm2. They must also meet the passive acoustic requirements of the buildings, as provided by Italian Law 447/95 and by the DPCM dated 5/12/97.

Surely. To overcome this problem, we have designed the range of silencers for duct pipes of ø 80-90-100-110-120-140-150-160-200-250-300.
All the silencers are acoustically certified and can even overcome 90° curves due to their flexibility.
- Easy to install;
- no need for masonry ;
- low costs;
 great acoustic reduction.

There are two types of modular silencers called QUADRI PIUMA.
They differ in size and noise abatement:
- QUADRO PIUMA 15x20 with certified noise abatement of 44 dB;
- QUADRO PIUMA 20x20 with certified noise abatement of 39 dB.

The AIRPLAK diffuser is designed to provide high living comfort as it ensures perimeter air diffusion, avoiding any direct air flows.
It also stands out from the traditional grilles available on the market for its sleek and innovative design.