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Quadro Piuma

Quadro Piuma

Quadro Piuma is a silencer for industrial ventilation and aeration ducts and designed for insertion into square or rectangular section tubes and formed by modular elements that make it extremely versatile in sizing.

Sound absorbing elements of a square or rectangular shape made of flexible polyurethane foam, designed for the acoustic insulation of industrial ventilation and aeration ducts in new or existing installations.

The elements, which are available in two sizes 150x200 mm and 200x200 mm, are used individually or in combination to adapt to the required format.


  • It does not require masonry work
  • Easy to install 
  • Low cost
  • Great results
  • Flexibility exceeds even 90 ° bends


Model 200x200 mm
Noise reducetion 39 dB
Air pass. cm2 187,5

Modello 20x20 cm 39 dB


Model 150x200 mm
Noise reducetion 44 dB
Air pass. cm2 125

Modello 15x20 cm 44 db


Examples of matching

Quadro Piuma esempi di abbinamento


Installation of the Quadro Piuma

Posa Quadro Piuma fase 1

Remove the grating and measure the size of the hole and choose the proper Quadro Piuma.

Posa Quadro Piuma fase 2

Insert Quadro Piuma, configured in the required size within the duct by pushing it until it reaches the desired position.

Posa Quadro Piuma fase 3

Replace the grating or the diffuser at the mouth of duct.


Код Type Noise Reduction Base Height Lenght
P210009015 QUADRO PIUMA mm150X200 L.500 Dn,e,w = 44 dB (certificato) 150 mm 200 mm 500 mm
P210009020 QUADRO PIUMA mm 200X200 L.500 Dn,e,w = 39 dB (certificato) 200 mm 200 mm 500 mm

NOTE: These values are always considered valid with Quadro Piuma lengths no less than 500 mm, for values with different lengths please contact the headquarters.


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